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Avidia-Ed is a downloadable program for Macs or Windows that can be used to study the evolution of digital organisms.... see more

This site has 7 videos on evolution, each about 8 minutes long and with a mixture of animations and video. There are also... see more

36 videos on evolution. The videos are each about 15 minutes long and are done Khan Academy style, with drawings being... see more

This site requires users to creat an account - for free - to access their modules. "Learn about the body's systems with... see more

A Dolan Learning Center site that has a collection of videos on the genetic disease Spinal Muscular Atrophy. In addition... see more

A south African educational resource for teaching immunology to clinicians. Has numerous case studies and educational... see more

This site connects scientist mentors with high school class that want to do a hands on experiment using plants. Site has... see more

The "DNA Subway" is a project of the iplantcollaborative in connection with the Dolan DNA Learning Center. The "DNA... see more

An assignment for using the Flylab simulation to analyze monohybrid crosses in fruit flies

Short video slideshows with audio covering all of introductory Biology. Organized into three sections, AP Biology I, AP... see more

BioBricks are the DNA sequences for bacterial genes that can be used as modules to bioengineer bacteria. The BioBricks... see more

This site has four videos demonstrating how to use some basic bioinformatic tools: Entrez, Cn3D and Blast. Videos are... see more

This is a java app that shows a DNA sequence along with the mRNA and the protein that would be made from the DNA... see more

This is a series of 14 online biology lab simulations for an AP Biology course. Each simulation has a text overview of... see more

This site will generate a colored view of a protein molecule for insertion into a paper or presentation. Can also create... see more

A British online introductory Biology course with figures, animations and some videos

3-D interactive images of simple biological molecules. this site uses a java app, JMOL, to present the interactive 3-D... see more

Produced by the Wellcome Trust, these resources include an interactive evolutionary tree and a video of the Tree of Life.... see more

This is a Pearson Education site with online material to supplement the "iGenetics," "Concepts of Genetics," "Essentials... see more

Gene Gateway is a US government site with tutorials for using some of the many available genetic databases, "a collection... see more

This site is attempting to develop assessment tools for basic biology concepts. currently has a multiple choice "Biology... see more

This is a youtube video of a lecture by Dr. HayesÂ’ on the effects of atrazine, an agricultural pesticide, on frog... see more

A complete organic chemistry course with diagrams, animations and simple quiz questions embedded in the text.

eFlora is an online database of information about plants from different geographical regions - ranging from China to... see more