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Thousands of Black Ukrainians are in peril. The nation's only Afro Ukrainian lawmaker is calling on his countrymen to... see more

Thousands of African immigrants joining throngs of Ukrainians trying to flee the country say they face red tape and... see more

Ukraine has become a popular choice for African students, who now account for nearly a quarter of the more than 76,000... see more

The Russian invasion of Ukraine shows racism has no boundaries as Ukrainian refugees of African descent are being turned... see more

Why should Black folks care about any of this? Because we don’t live in the world by ourselves, and our skin color... see more

Some people are born to coach. Others are born to contribute behind the scenes. Tennessee State University’s Howard... see more

The Tigerbelles Women’s Track club at Tennessee State University became the state’s most internationally accomplished... see more

To provide rigorous English language instruction that prepares conditionally and provisionally admitted international... see more

The Intensive English Language Program (IELP) Guide has been developed by the International Education Division (IED), to... see more

From the time historian Carter Woodson created Negro History Week in 1926 up through today’s celebration of Black History... see more

The information on this page is designed to help you explore possible careers. Use the links below to navigate to... see more

The Esports Education Playbook walks educators through the process of establishing, managing, and coaching a scholastic... see more

It may be a while before a school’s Overwatch team is as well-recognized on campus as the basketball team, but there’s no... see more

High School Esports League is the premier and largest national esports league that provides high school students the... see more

HBCUs were established to provide avenues to higher ed for Black Americans. Today, these schools continue to offer... see more

Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) are crucial to advancing educational and job opportunities for black... see more

Zach Hubert came out of slavery with an adage that he would pass on to his children, and his children's children, and... see more

A 180+ year history and milestone timeline of America's Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs).

Everything from high school algebra to graduate level courses are covered in this selection of free online mathematics... see more

Legal scholars are increasingly adopting and creating free textbooks in an attempt to increase affordability for... see more

Historically black colleges and universities play an important role in the African American community. Here, we highlight... see more

Esports, also known as competitive video game playing, have recently boomed into a billion-dollar industry, and college... see more

The esports industry is growing quickly and The Ohio State University is committed to staying on the cutting edge of... see more

"Smart" has become a marketing buzzword. But defining just what smart technology is can be difficult. Is it connectivity... see more