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An example of a constructivist learning Environment in virtual reality in medical education

A website encompasses examples of actual assignments students executed in a college course relevant to Instructional... see more

An example of assignments of criteria and application of a constructivist learning environment.

Educational game prototype. This was my final video assignment for the semester. Enjoy! Animation by myself. Voicework by... see more

My first educational video. Enjoy! Done with Premiere Pro and Adobe Illustrator

An assignment presentation of a constructivist learning environment.

Constructivist Learning Environment: TED-Ed Clubs | Advanced Instructional Design George Mason University | Spring 2018... see more

Designing with OER is a collection of study materials for students in the instructional design field. The study materials... see more

A constructivist learning environment for foreign language learning. It is a class assignment designed based on... see more

A presentation of a constructivist learning environment. It is a class assignment.

Partner Only Material

Constructivism vs Objectivism: iEARN

It is an example of a constructivist learning environment and offers a comparison with an objectivist learning... see more

It is a blog community. Here, you will find examples of constructivist learning environments under a CC-BY license.

This webpage is a blog Community. Here you will share blogs about course activities regarding constructivist learning... see more

Constructivist Learning Environment: TED-Ed By Matt Heffron & Jill Mitchell

The CLE presentation presents theoretical principles and instructional characteristics of Constructivist Learning... see more