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This is a tool/guideline that helps check and validate PDF files for compliance to accessibility standards.

If you are responsible for creating or signing off/clearing files, you can use this checklist as part of your process.... see more

While enhancing accessibility and usability are the goals of WCAG 2.0, the overall benefits to website owners in making... see more

This assistive tool provided step by step instructions on how to make PDF files accessible.

Heading Ordering Checker is a tool that linearises each page and checks the order of headings. It will give a warning for... see more

Color Palette Accessibility Evaluator is a tool that allows you to analyze any combination of colors from a palette to... see more

W3C link checker checks for issues in links, anchors and referenced objects in a webpage, CSS style sheet or recursively... see more

UI Test checks the accessibility of a website. Users fill out one from and the site checks lists links to test results... see more

The Colour Contrast Check Tool allows to specify a foreground and a background colour and determine if they provide... see more

Link Context Checker is a tool that takes all links from a page and displays them out of context. From this, you are able... see more

Dr. Watson is free service to analyze a web page on the internet for errors. This tool analyzes HTML syntax to make sure... see more

Helps users clean up web page coding by checking HTML and CSS syntax.

The aXe Firefox extension provides accessibility testing tool for websites.

This tool lets you choose contrast values so you can test them for WCAG contrast accessibility guidelines.

Enter a URL to examine the HTML purity level of the webpage. Allows you to check HTML pages for compliance with various... see more

Checks CSS style sheet for webpages accessibility.

Colorblind Webpage Filter is a tool that applies filters to a webpage. This is used for people with color vision... see more

Alt Text Checker is a tool that looks at the “alt” attribute for each image on the page and displays the image with the... see more

This tool checks the contrast (background/foreground) by evaluating the contrast ratio. User has to enter the number... see more

Provides a designer of a web page to use a 3-dimensional color RGB color space to check the contrast ratio of colors.... see more

This tool is for the use of designers or developers. It tests the color contrast in compliance with WCAG. It allows the... see more

Tool that is used to help reach and maintain website compliancy for accessibility and for the WCAG 2.0. This tool is used... see more

Checks text, link and background colors against WCAG 2.0 specifications. You input your chosen color on the left side of... see more

HTML Tidy is a tool that assists with editing HTML. It gives you the number of warnings and errors found at the top of... see more