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For my technology class I was asked to complete a StaIR. This stands for Stand-Alone Instructional Resource. This is a... see more

Basic tool for to experiment with fractions: The app lets you view the fractions represented in the form of overlapping... see more

Resource Watch features over 200+ reliable and timely data sets in one place on the state of the planet's resources and... see more

Explore the relationship between two shapes as the scale factor changes.

Scientific Calulator is a powerful, programmable, scientific calculator.Some of its features include: Supports variables,... see more

A thoughtful way to solve for x in many situations. Given an equation (with invertable operations being done on a single... see more

Solving linear equations is a cornerstone of Algebra and other higher level math classes. The skills involved are... see more

This is a StAIR Project designed to introduce and practice the concept of Solving Quadratic Equations by Factoring.

Video demonstrates how to solve a two-step linear inequality.

This lesson is an authentic and interactive lesson that teaches students about how to find volume using decimals. The... see more

This is a lesson plan for solving systems of linear equations to Algebra 1 students. Methods to be taught include... see more

Teaching Mathematics is nothing less than a mathematical manifesto. Arising in response to a limited National Curriculum,... see more

A site which helps students learn money management. It includes ideas for teacher and parents. This can be used for tying... see more

This is a lesson designed to integrate technology, social studies, reading, and math. I used this lesson with pictures... see more

The OER is a tutorial video teaching the basic concepts of probability. It is intended for both high school and undergrad... see more

A collection of downloadable software programs under the GNU freeware license that illustrate aspects of geometry and... see more

Touch Fraction: (Android interactive fraction) About fractions, and the construction of the rational numbers. Fractions:... see more

Java Applet for the Towers of Hanoi

Complete Classroom InterActivity for exploring the fact: If the median to the longest side of a triangle and the two... see more

This (STAIR) activity will introduce the three geometric ratios (sine, cosine, tangent) and teach the relationships... see more

"This app has everything you need to make a difficult decision easier. It's six amazing and slick utilities can help you... see more

This lesson can be used to show the geometric basis of algebraic factoring using algebra tiles.

This site describes John Napier's life and works and, in particular, his invention known as Napier's Bones. A Java applet... see more