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The client required an informative website that showcased their efforts and different initiatives that they had carried... see more

The Sustainable Development Commission (SDC) is the Government’s independent adviser on sustainable development (SD),... see more

For a speaking club, you must have at least basic English. That is, if you understand what they are talking about and can... see more

The University of Maryland University College offers 25 online programs. This is a case study to determine the costs of... see more

Historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) are notoriously perceived as unwelcoming towards lesbian, gay,... see more

This learning activity is designed to be used in a large introductory chemistry course, as part of a larger module of... see more

All photos and diagrams in this eStudy are credited to the Detroit Collaborative Design Center at the University of... see more

This link provides access to a free paper download from the journal titled "Qualitative Research in Sport, Exercise, and... see more

In this paper, a set of user-centered evaluation methods used toconstruct a richer conception of the audience of an... see more

The purpose of this paper is to investigate common characteristics of the use of interactions (UI) from the case of... see more

Simulation has, over multiple decades, achieved a remarkable record of improving operational efficiency and effectiveness... see more

Short discharge time from hospitals increases both bed availability and patients and families satisfaction. In this... see more

„Kognitivni ili saznajni stil je sklop individualnih razlika u načinima opažanja, pamćenja, mišljenja i rešavanja... see more

Sažetak Članak sadži kratak osvrt na istoriju razvoja informaciono - komunikacionih tehnologija. U radu se mogu naći... see more

Vakıfbank Kredi Hesaplama is easy to use for calculating all types of bank credits and credit application to all banks... see more

Le développement durable fait partie des priorités institutionnelles de l’UCLouvain. L’empreinte écologique du numérique... see more

Video games are becoming culturally dominant. But what does their popularity say about our contemporary society? This... see more

Gamers who played titles for longer reported feeling happier than those who did not.

Electronic sports, cybersports, gaming, competitive computer gaming, and virtual sports are all synonyms for the term... see more

This e-Study explores Visual Strategy Mapping (ViSM), using video and visuals to show both the process and results when... see more

Although the impact of technology has created benefits for businesses and consumers alike, it has also provided a greater... see more