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Cette ressource propose une série de vidéos permettant un apprentissage autonomne de SPSS ainsi que des fichiers utiles... see more

This is a collection of interactive visualizations for elementary statistics.

These open-source mathematics homework problems are programmed for the WeBWorK mathematics platform and correspond to... see more

Created by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (U.S.), this excerpt from Engineering Statistics Handbook... see more

Created by Robert Carver of Stonehill College, this article describes a dataset containing energy use data for... see more

These pages from the University of Melbourne explain statistical concepts using various examples from medicine, science,... see more

This video was recorded at 8th International Conference on Teaching Statistics 2010 - Ljubljana. If you show the core... see more

This article, created by Allen L. Shoemaker of Calvin College, describes a dataset on body temperature, gender, and heart... see more

Created by Fred Lewes of Exeter University, this article discusses the importance of statistical tables as well as how to... see more

This case study, by David M. Lane of Rice University, covers the following concepts: confidence intervals for proportions... see more

This article, authored by G.E. Noether of the University of Connecticut, discusses the differences between the Kendall... see more

This table, created by author Ivo Dinov of the University of California, Berkeley, shows the critical values values of... see more

Beginning with a set of n paired values of Xa and Xb, this page will perform the necessary rank- ordering along with all... see more

This calculator, created by authors Leon Avery and Ivo Dinov of the University of California, Berkeley, determines the... see more

This tutorial on Simple Linear Regression includes its definition, assumptions, and characteristics as well as related... see more

This page, created by WINKS Statistics Tutorials, discusses the understanding of and interpretation of p-values for those... see more

Created by Rachel Cunliffe, Ross Parsonage and Matt Regan, faculty members at Auckland University (New Zealand), this... see more

Richard Lowry of Vassar College has created this java script which calculates the areas under the curve of the normal... see more

This slide show presentation, created by William Richards of The Vancouver Network Analysis Team, provides two good... see more

This course introduces students to the conduct of political research using quantitative methodologies. The methods are... see more

This dataset, created by Robin H. Locke of St. Lawrence University, describes 93 new cars for the 1993 model year with 26... see more

In the Latin Square computational pages on this site, the third IV, with levels designated as A, B, C, etc., is listed as... see more

This course discusses the principles and methods of statistical mechanics. Topics covered include classical and quantum... see more

In the Latin Square computational pages on this site, the third IV, with levels designated as A, B, C, etc., is listed as... see more