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'Maqam is an application that allows you to have permanently in your pocket the maqam notation system (ajnas and maqam)... see more

Online Arabic reading lessons/dialogues.

This information is about Arabic grammar prepared for Arabic middle schools, although the grammatical concepts covered... see more

Table of Contents: I. Food and Daily Routine II. Education and Careers III. Travel and Tourism IV. Celebrations,... see more

The Tadriis site is a multimedia online Arabic teacher training intended for Arabic teachers in the U.S. and abroad.

Tajik Persian: Readings in History, Culture and Society seeks to help students develop reading proficiency in Tajik at... see more

'Arabic Alphabet is organized in easy to learn chapters with quizzes and flashcards for review, this app has everything... see more

The Summary of Arabic Language Grammar is a book that discusses all the rules governing the Arabic Language. The book... see more

This is the second volume in a series of four books, first published in 1919. The series treats Arabic grammar in a... see more

This is the first volume in a series of four books, first published in 1905. The series treats Arabic grammar in a highly... see more

Ten lessons and growing, a collection of beginning learning materials in Arabic.

אתר ללימוד השפה הערבית באישור משרד החינוך הישראלי

פעילות זו משלבת את לימוד השפה הערבית יחד עם נושאים הקשורים למזג האוויר וערים שונות במדינת ישראל. הפעילות משלבת האזנה... see more