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Abstract The term gamification is relatively new. A decade ago, this almost did not exist, and now it is implemented not... see more

The focus of this study is not on the examination of different delivery methods, but presenting a comprehensive model of... see more

Punctuality and regularity are the two fundamentals of a successful career. Teachers are the foundation stones of a... see more

The authors describe a unique approach to faculty development as they say that most standard approaches miss the dyanmic... see more

“WorldWide Aquaculture, LLC (WWA) is an international research, consulting and development company working with... see more

Contains project ideas for students to test the Scientific Method with consumer goods.

Students collect data on their personal water use as well as the use of water by people around them. They then use that... see more

MP PAT Result 2019 can be checked only from the official website. Also, collect MPPEB PAT Expected Cut Off Marks,... see more

The interactive case shows the selection process for a new junior lawyer at the law firm PEREZ LLORCA. Interviews with... see more

Hawai‘i has been blessed with consistent rainfall, advantageous geology, and high quality drinking water stores for... see more

This study attempts to analyze teaching strategies for planning collaboratie learning and teaching through a case of... see more

This article examines the pedagogical role of the teacher in online education. Specifically, thetransition from in-class... see more

This case study is an exploratory investigation of the learning opportunities provided by a Web-based Master of Science... see more

This paper describes an innovative approach to building the skills of decision-making and conflict resolution, leadership... see more

The objectives of this study were to examine the effectiveness of a curriculum designed to increase bioinformatics... see more

This activity is designed as an end-of-year project that incorporates skills such as Internet research and using Biology... see more

This paper, published by the Royal Society of Chemistry, discusses using a problem based learning approach to analytical... see more

Each February, National Black History Month serves as both a celebration and a powerful reminder that Black history is... see more

This author provides a research framework for the study of campus-wide academic instruction using the Web. This framework... see more

Thermal Science and Engineering ... With the use of Six Sigma in casting industries, rejection rate is reduced, customer... see more

Abnormal Psychology Case Studies Name. A1-WS2-H-030815-15. Hour. Possible Answers: No Diagnosis. Generalized Anxiety... see more

"Nine hours into a fire involving 40 vertical storage tanks burning at a wholesale chemical distribution center,... see more