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En el video se describe el procedimiento para obtener imágenes a partir de fotos aéreas de una superficie regable. Se... see more

En el video se muestra como localizar la información cartográfica requeridad para el diseño de un sistema de riego en una... see more

En el video se accede al visor cartográfico del Sistema de Información Geográfica Nacional (SignA) para obtener la imagen... see more

At this site one can learn all about the history of the Treasury Department, its role in the Federal government, and its... see more

Triangular arbitrage with foreign currencies

This video was recorded at International Conference the Power of Innovative Ecosystems, Ljubljana 2011. Trimo's... see more

This video was recorded at 1st ACTIVE Summer School, Bled 2009. ACTIVE aims to increase the productivity of knowledge... see more

Tsinghua University's XuetangX MOOC Platform (2013) offers Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) mainly in Chinese from... see more

Technical blog reviewing computers, health and other vocational topics.

Yapi Kredi is one of the leading banks in Turkey offering various loan options for clients globally. Repo

This site is a tutorial for finding information on the Internet. In the section on how to choose search tools, there is... see more

This video was recorded at FIRST Industrial Workshop, Milano 2012. In this video, we give a short demo about extracting... see more

This video was recorded at ECOLEAD WP2 Meeting, Sevilla 2004. The Sevilla working meeting on WP2 and WP5 was designated... see more

When it comes to a corporate crisis, Johnson & Johnson (J&J) and its subsidiary Tylenol demonstrate what a company should... see more

There are several types of employee training programs. Employees may receive basic literacy training, interpersonal... see more

Descripción y ejemplos de cómo aplicar la técnia Es/No es para definir problemas.

Introducción a las técnicas cualitativas y cuantitativas de previsión

This activity from the Florida Advanced Technological Education (FL-ATE) Center asks students to use the concepts of... see more

This activity analyzes a graph showing the United States Federal government current receipts (from taxation) and current... see more

"Trade is an issue of growing importance that lies at the intersection of two of the biggest concerns facing the American... see more

Uber Technologies Inc. (Uber) is a tech startup that provides ride sharing services by facilitating a connection between... see more

This video was recorded at Managerski kongres, Portorož 2011. Letos s ponosom beležimo 20 let odkar je Združenje Manager... see more

"This updated edition contains definitions of over 2,400 terms, incorporating the latest information available from UBS... see more