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Since its implementation in 1994, NAFTA's impacts on trade have been extensively and positively evaluated at an aggregate... see more

This paper studies the consequences of using a debt contract to raise venture capital for an entrepreneurial project in... see more

"This pioneering work is the first full study of a critically important issue today: the ethics of money production. The... see more

This book does not contain all that might be written on the subject of money. It is published with the sole purpose in... see more

This site contains lesson plans for classes on the Federal Reserve bank. An accompanying video can be order free of... see more

This website of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago provides a quick and easy-to-read review of the structure and... see more

This is an interactive site that explains the Federal Reserve system. Through the use of text and diagrams, students are... see more

Prior research suggests that firms owned by women and minorities are smaller, less profitable, and less growth-oriented... see more

The goal of this paper is to examine the impact of Initial Public Offerings (IPO) on the investment strategies of young... see more

In this paper we analyze the frequency and information content of small Nasdaq stock trades and their impacts on return... see more

"Infrastructure and its effects on economic growth, social welfare, and sustainability receive a great deal of attention... see more

The advent of the Internet has opened many opportunities for bankers to access new customers, increase convenience and... see more

Recent evidence from U.S. markets shows that IPO underpricing is associated with high liquidity for issuing firms. One... see more

"Rothbard's extraordinary book unravels the mystery of banking: what is legitimate enterprise and what is a... see more

For venture capital firms, facing undiversifiable risks, multi-staged financing is an optimal contract which offers... see more

The Piggy Bank Primer: Budget and Saving e-book for 7 through 9 year olds uses a story, activities, and puzzles to... see more

This study examines the extent to which individual demographic characteristics of owners influence capital structure... see more

'The book is about getting rich - not only in terms of money but in every possible way, including relationships and... see more

The Mutual Fund Cost Calculator enables investors to easily estimate and compare the costs of owning mutual funds.... see more

The familiar magnetic stripe credit cards used for decades in the United States are being phased out. Read about the new... see more

In this paper we look at the effects of bargaining power on the types of entrepreneurial projects chosen by venture... see more

This is a simple guide for beginners to learn about the stock market

'This classic treatise on monetary theory remains the definitive integration of microeconomics and macroeconomics. First... see more

We examine whether and how investors' reliance on financial information is affected by the rate of sales growth of a... see more