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This collection, created by John McClain of Cornell University, of macros for Microsoft Excel addresses numerous topics... see more

Given the population incidence of a certain disease, and the conditional probabilities of positive and negative test... see more

This applet, created by David Hill and Lila Roberts, uses the Monte Carlo technique to simulate a count of bacteria that... see more

This activity, created by faculty members at the University of Virginia, addresses the concept of sample space. It... see more

The following pages calculate r, r-squared, regression constants, Y residuals, and standard error of estimate for a set... see more

The following pages calculate r, r-squared, regression constants, Y residuals, and standard error of estimate for a set... see more

This page will perform basic multiple regression analysis for the case where there are several independent predictor... see more

A 8-week course with available materials on basic statistics. The course provides videos and readings and is delivered by... see more

This website, created by Richard Lowry of Vassar College, is an application of Bayes' Theorem that performs the same... see more

To perform calculations using Bayes' theorem, enter the probability for one or the other of the items in each of the... see more

This page, created by Michael H. Birnbaum of Fullerton University, uses Bayes' Theorem to calculate the probability of a... see more

This video was recorded at International Society for Bayesian Analysis (ISBA) Lectures on Bayesian Foundations, Kyoto... see more

Teaching a large class effectively is hard work, but it's possible to do it even if you're not a big-league entertainer.... see more

This page explores Benford's law and the Pareto Principle (or 80/20 rule). Benford's law may also have a wider meaning if... see more

This online, interactive lesson on Bernoulli provides examples, exercises, and applets. The site, created by Kyle... see more

Created by Shaun Purcell of the Social, Genetic and Development Pyschiatry Research Centre, this set of pages is an... see more

This Binomial applet allows the user to adjust the n and the p and see the resulting histogram. There is also an option... see more

The page will calculate the following: exact binomial probabilities, approximation via the normal distribution,... see more

This article, created by authors B.C. Lyon and M.W. Maxfield of Louisiana Tech University, describes a hands-on class... see more

This article, created by Tony Greenfield, in a series, describes a game, which tests opposing strategies through aspects... see more

Using cooperative learning methods, this lesson introduces distributions for univariate data, emphasizing how... see more

This is a textbook that started out with the OpenStax Elementary Statistics Book and added embedded statistics videos,... see more

This video was recorded at Pascal Workshop and Pascal Challenge: Type I and type II errors for Multiple Simultaneous... see more

This site, created by Michelle Lacey of Yale University, give a definition and an example of boxplots. Topics include... see more