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Focused action research' was employed in a teacher inservice program which sought to develop a fusion between... see more

Students examine what their idea of a perfect society is and then create their own utopian society. The author is... see more

The Compounding Consequences of IT Budget Cuts; Few Campuses Evaluate the Impact of Their IT Initiatives

ZIIEI is an initiative for teachers launched in 2015. As a part of the National Transformation Education Program, called... see more

SENCER engages student interest in the sciences and mathematics by supporting the development of undergraduate courses... see more

Thousands of African immigrants joining throngs of Ukrainians trying to flee the country say they face red tape and... see more

Every teacher has to face some challenges, that his students able to understand his teaching how much & how quickly they... see more

One of the best effective teaching methods is to encourage children to build enthusiasm and curiosity. Motivation comes... see more

"Features" is the latest learning strategy adopted to increase the frequency of public schools. As part of this exercise,... see more

We participate in educational participation in the education system. We discuss student rules and the benefits that can... see more

Abstract — Cilj ovog istraživanja je bio zasnovan na analizi efekata primene daljinsko orijentisanih modela u edukaciji... see more

Con el propósito de establecer una estrategia didáctica, se instaura, una suerte de clasificación sobre las consultas que... see more

Communication faculty member Rona Halualani (San Jose State University) discusses her experience of using Integrative... see more

Looking for solutions to curb e-waste and lessen the digital divide? is a program developed in Portland, OR... see more

Este site foi construído colaborativamente entre alunos e docente com o objetivo de ser um repositorium de trabalhos... see more

Developing research skills in reluctant readers using elements of reciprocal teaching.

Improve daily attendance in school is synonymous to achieve better academic results. A regular and punctual student... see more

RE-SEED (Retirees Enhancing Science Education through Experiments and Demonstrations) is a Northeastern University... see more

Researchers and educators alike praise teams for keeping faculty motivated, providing focus for efforts to improve... see more

This page is meant as a tool to help the young texting generation to become confident, capable writers.

Stilovi učenja predstavljaju različite pristupe ili načine učenja. Ova dva pojma se ponekad koriste naizmenično sa istim... see more

This is one of three case conference videos. Two of the videos are dealing with middle/high school. The first is a... see more

Ways to improve attendance amounts to better educational outcomes. The average student and appointment understand their... see more