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VRtisan (VR + Artisan =VRtisan) allows artchitects total immersion into the 3D virtual environment being created by them,... see more

"It is only when a building entirely fulfils the purpose for which it is intended and bears the impress of a genuine... see more

ARENA: Journal of Architectural Research (AJAR) is a fully open access, peer-reviewed journal for all kinds of designs... see more

The Courtauld Institute of Art provides you with a searchable database of over 40,000 images from the Courtauld, The... see more

Art Forum (Magazine website) follows what is happening in the International Modern Art World. Here you will find... see more

The Association for Environment Conscious Building is a nonprofit trade organization that promotes green building in... see more

A nonprofit organization that provides information on the environmental impact of buildings and building products using... see more

Information designed to help building industry professionals and policy makers to improve environmental performance and... see more

Internationally recognized firm and valuable website for expertise in moisture dynamics, indoor air quality, and forensic... see more

"CADD Primer is a beginners reference book on computer aided design and drafting. It describes the general principles of... see more

El espacio público y los lugares de pública concurrencia constituyen ámbitos funcionales, centros de comunicación y... see more

This video was recorded at MAO Unfinished Modernisations: between Utopia and Pragmatism, Ljubljana 2012. Despite all of... see more

CAT is an environmental nonprofit that promotes sustainable living. Its key areas of work are renewable energy,... see more

The Cleveland Museum of Art (CMA)'s Open Access Project, launched Jan. 23, 2019, provides everyone with free, Open Access... see more

This web site lists cohousing communities in the United States and abroad with links to their web sites. It also lists... see more

Design Addict is one of the best comprehensive resources for modern, post modern, and contemporary design of the 20th and... see more

Energy Efficient Design Applications are intended to assist facility owners, architects, engineers, designers, facility... see more

This video was recorded at 24th Biennial of Design 2014 - Ljubljana / 24. bienale oblikovanja 2014 - Ljubljana.... see more

The Art Institute of Chicago has adopted an Open Access Policy on Oct. 23 2018 making 44,300+ public domain works in... see more

En este artículo se recogen los aspectos que se han de tener en cuenta para el análisis y el diseño de un elemento de... see more

Este artículo presenta los aspectos que determinan y caracterizan las aplicaciones de la iluminación en el entorno urbano... see more

En este módulo de aprendizaje, se plantean los diferentes recursos visuales para el diseño de una instalación comercial... see more

This lesson provides an introduction to the treatment of drinking water to remove harmful or distasteful substances.... see more

This video was recorded at MIT World Series: Kevin Lynch Award. Without much national fanfare, Chicago has transformed... see more