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Euclid's Elements form one of the most beautiful and influential works of science in the history of humankind. Its beauty... see more

This is the master of fractals. Sara Scottland creates some stupendous images utilizing ultra fractal software. My two... see more

This site contains a java applet that finds medians and area bisectors of a triangle. There is also a related discussion... see more

This site allows the user to specify two triangle side lengths and the included angle, then draws the triangle and... see more

Simple Geometry applet demonstrating angle relationships.

Illustrates the area of the triangle formed by the intersection of common tangents to 3 circles.

Illustrates the relationship between angles in a cyclic kite (with some questions about what it illustrates).

Euclid, The Game is a web application built on the GeoGebra platform. Players begin the game with the capabilities... see more

Illustrates the geometrical properties of a circle inscribed in a triangle.

Illustrates Napoleon's theorem: If you take any triangle ABC and draw equilateral triangles on each side, then join up... see more

Illustrates the relationship between perpendicular bisectors of a right angled triangle.

In this configuration, the quadrilateral EFGE is formed by the centers of the circles which are tangent to 2 sides and... see more

This applet is a 3D game to train spatial visualization. The user must rotate a 3D solid and identify three letters that... see more

Aqui Se le Presenta ONU Curso rapido con Palabras Claves Y fórmulas para los poligonis Regulares.

Este es un material considerado como un objeto de aprendizaje que se enfoca en el tema de sistemas de coordenadas... see more

Este notables Materiales De conicimientos Contiene ONU Referentes de las RECTAS en la circunferencia, al igual se Hace... see more

This is a lesson/unit plan for a high school geometry class investigating conditions leading to triangle congruence using... see more