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'Apollonius is the first (and so far the only) Interactive Geometry Software (IGS) for the iPhone and iPod Touch. It... see more

Interactive presentation for middle and high school students forming connections between the areas of two-dimensional... see more

The goal for this lesson is to provide students with an understanding of how to find the area of any regular polygon.... see more

Visual demonstration of existence of centroid of a triangle.

Course material for contextualized math for CCCS COETC grant funded course development

Illustrates the relationship between exterior common tangents of 3 cirlces.

This is a free, online textbook that is comprised of articles from a variety of authors. "Comparison Geometry asks: What... see more

This is a free, online textbook that is designed "for the basic course of differential geometry. It is recommended as an... see more

A tutorial on cross ratios and harmonic conjugate elements.

Curved Spaces is a flight simulator for multiconnected universes. Such toy universes are the 3D analog of the torus and... see more

Visualization of different models of curves in computer graphics, while requiring learners to construct specific shapes... see more

Symmetry properties of the 4x4 array. The invariance of symmetry displayed in the author's Diamond 16 Puzzle (online)... see more

A clear, graphical walk-through of Euclid's "Elements", books I-IV. The site also includes explanations of the... see more

This is Edwin Abbott's novel about a two-dimensional being who visits one-dimensional and three-dimensional worlds.... see more

A series of applets for teaching Fractal Geometry. Includes: L-Systems; Box-Counting Fractal Dimension; Cellular... see more

The site offers a variety of interactive applications designed to teach various aspects of geometry. Some of the choices... see more

"Punflay’s Mathomatix series is back! Kindergarteners will enjoy learning about basic geometrical shapes such as... see more

Visualizing a hypercube, one step at a time.

Use principles of trigonometry to calculate the correct angle of decent for an aircraft during an emergency landing on an... see more

This is a collection of computational and graphical applets as well as on-line exercises.

Course material for contextualized math for CCCS COETC grant funded course development

Examples of the use of Java Sketchpad, a tool for publishing dynamic geometry illustrations and interactive mathematical... see more