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The website contains learning the Arabic numbers and a test.

A useful site to learn about the history and architcture of Orlean

Dispription of the city (Avignon), history, architecture, places to go and moe.

The website talks about the history of Bordeaux, architecture, places to see, and things to do in the city.

The lesson plans help ESL students to use words to a pervasive aspect of everyday life.

Teaching kids French through games, videos, and songs and games.

Online French learning. French interactive activities, French word of the day, survival pharases, cultural articles and... see more

Online learning French for young kids using games, songs, conversation, flash cards and other activities.

Learn French online with interactive games.

Online games for French learning games. and online learning; colors, nubers, phrases, food, clothing, animals, verbs and... see more

There are a lot of useful ideas to decorate your classroom.

Tips for engaging students to create a class mission statement.

Example of a classroom mission statement, classroom rules, discipline policy, students rights, attendance policy,... see more

This is a diagram that helps a classroom create a mission statement.

TheWeb site has useful ideas and articles about how to involve parents in education. Most information is for Elementary,... see more

This website is about growing plants in the classroom, seed and germination, plants and how they grow and other useful... see more

School acitivities and lesson plans for preschools to help with reading, math, and science experiments, observing and... see more

Lesson plans and experiements for school children to learn about plants.

Planting experiment for young children to learn about planting seeds and caring for plants.

Tips for effective teaching to motivate your students.