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This course covers the concepts and physical pictures behind various phenomena that appear in interacting many-body... see more

In this course we shall develop theoretical methods suitable for the description of the many-body phenomena, such as... see more

This course provides an introduction to cellular and population-level systems biology with an emphasis on synthetic... see more

The phenomenology and experimental foundations of particle and nuclear physics are explored in this course. Emphasis is... see more

8.811, Particle Physics II, describes essential research in High Energy Physics. We derive the Standard Model (SM) first... see more

This is a one-semester class about gauge/gravity duality (often called AdS/CFT) and its applications.

This is a course in the construction and application of effective field theories, which are the modern tool of choice in... see more

This course is an introduction to branes in string theory and their world volume dynamics. Instead of looking at the... see more

This course provides a graduate-level introduction to stellar astrophysics. It covers a variety of topics, ranging from... see more

This video was recorded at Sadovi znanja - Izobraževalna TV oddaja | Gains of knowledge - educational TV series. V okviru... see more

'This FREE Digital Book, 834 Tips for Successful Online Instruction is an amazing collection of tips from 336 of your... see more

The Portuguese language naturally has its roots in Portugal, but it was Brazil that put the language on the map, adding... see more

9 Fires tells of the impact of nine campus-related fires that happened within three weeks in January and February of... see more

This resource presents the 9 steps towards successful task delegation, enabling you to develop your own delegation... see more

This video was recorded at AAAI 2008: AI Video Competition. SRI's CALO agent helps users manage their tasks and time.... see more

This video was recorded at AAAI 2009: AI Video Competition. This video provides a short introduction to our technology... see more

Current research on the evolution and development of cognition and affect, including intuitive physics, biology, and... see more

Focuses on the problem of supervised learning from the perspective of modern statistical learning theory starting with... see more

This course is for upper-level graduate students who are planning careers in computational neuroscience. This course... see more

Covers the major results in the study of first language acquisition concentrating on the development of linguistic... see more

This course is a seminar in real-time language comprehension. It considers models of sentence and discourse comprehension... see more

Teaches principles of experimental methods in human perception and cognition, including design and statistical analysis.... see more

This course is an introduction to computational theories of human cognition. Drawing on formal models from classic and... see more

This website includes a cut-away animation of a pneumatic 90 degree rotary table. Objective: Describe how the 90 degree... see more