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Notes on use, forms and common mistakes - 10 multiple-choice questions with answers. CEFR Linguistic Competence –... see more

Clip 4.42 minutes – explanations of modals can could would, transcript, exercises, worksheets. CEFR Linguistic Competence... see more

Use of present continuous to describe plans in the future. Interactive exercise with 10 multiple-choice questions, with... see more

Notes on use and forms of will /won't, with interactive exercise, 10 multiple-choice questions with answers. CEFR... see more

Notes on use and forms, 10 multiple-choice questions. CEFR linguistic competence - grammatical accuracy: Shows a... see more

Positive, negative, question forms. Multiple-choice exercise with 10 questions and answers. Can-do statement: Grammatical... see more

Using modals for recommendations – must, have to, should, could. 10 multiple-choice questions with answers and... see more

Used to/would expressing habits, in the past – notes on use, forms and common mistakes. 10 multiple-choice questions.... see more

Aprende el vocabulario de la comida (alimentos y bebidas) con este material visual y actividades online divertidas. Nivel... see more

I have made note card for all of the vocabulary in FRE 201. As the class progresses, I will add to the cards.

A media rich online vocabulary and conjugation trainer for English, German, and Spanish. You may also create custom... see more

Language drill and practice website that can be used with English, Spanish, French or German. Offers practice with... see more

Ten lessons and growing, a collection of beginning learning materials in Arabic.

How to recognize the passive and reasons to avoid passive voice. CEFR: Linguistic competence - grammatical accuracy:... see more

Variant of the Word Search puzzle. In this version you not only have to find the words, but you also have to identify... see more

This site provides an interactive display of interesting words. Words floating down the page can be clicked for further... see more

Using zero conditionals to write about something that is always true. Notes on use and forms, with interactive exercise -... see more

אתר ללימוד השפה הערבית באישור משרד החינוך הישראלי

פעילות זו מיועדת לתלמידים לקויי למידה ובה עונים התלמידים על שאלות המתייחסות לטקסט בספר הלימוד "מסעות בזמן - משלום למלחמה... see more

This is a matching worksheet for the English grammar point "know how to." First students read the various ”I don't know... see more