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This website provides statistics, data and long-term trends compiled by the mass media industry, a glossary of PSA... see more

A 3-minute video on the concept of pyro-marketing, a strategy for successful marketing in today’s fast-paced environment.

This site provides links to a series of articles concerning Professional Selling. Some of the articles are several years... see more

Real Burger World (or RBW as it later became known) was a small hamburger chain established in the UK in the early... see more

A great resource (social media blog) for almost everything you need to consider, explore, and learn about social... see more

This site contains a great deal of information about the Population as well as the Business Sector. The Census of... see more

Here is the “advanced positioning marketing simulation game” now available for free download here…... see more

This resource that is sponsored by the demonstrates ads that have "made a difference" in that they have changed... see more

This online textbook/course is presented as a unit for a marketing class. "Marketing means different things to different... see more

This discussion exercise has been written and provided by Dr Gillian Hopkinson from Lancaster University in the UK.... see more

Much has been written about how Twitter is making its way into the halls of higher education. Go beyond the usual tips... see more

This is a short tutorial on types of brands. The differences between manufacturer brands and own-label brands are... see more

Many firms target their sales promotions at wholesalers and retailers in an attempt to generate greater support and... see more

Paper on the Virtual Customer by John Hauser.

This is a free, online textbook and accompanying materials for a grad school course. The textbook is available for free... see more

Two formulas and a scenario for students to apply two retail gravitation models used to predict where shoppers will... see more

This site contains a comprehensive list of terms used in e-commerce and marketing, as well as a complete discussion of... see more

Information about promotion for an introductory marketing course.

The site contains techniques and computer codes for questionnaire design, surveys sampling, and analysis.

This is a collection of assignments created for an advertising class. Because the topics are common to any advertising... see more

A comprehensive collection of demographic, lifestyle, and economic data covering over 1300 US cities portrayed as... see more

Course description This course aims to provide fundamental knowledge of branding. The course introduces key concepts in... see more

This book "is intended for people who want to learn practical and cost-effective ways to raise the profile of an... see more

This video was recorded at European Conference on Machine Learning and Principles and Practice of Knowledge Discovery in... see more