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'Everything You Need To Know About "Developmental Disabilities" Developmental disability is a diverse group of severe... see more

'If you or someone you care about has developed a disabling condition you probably have numerous health and financial... see more

DisabilityApprovalGuide™ is dedicated to helping qualified individuals with disabling conditions get the benefits they... see more

Typically, educational professionals focus on how to help students better access what is considered ‘typical’ learning... see more

'The Disability Dashboard is an application that pools disability statistics published by various federal agencies... see more

'An informative App to educate, inform, and network with other people with a disability. Our Goal is to network and reach... see more

This web page from the Northern Illinois University Presidential Commission on Persons with Disabilities covers both why... see more

Edusson is the best company that can do the best assignments for the students for the schoolchildren and for the people... see more

This is a glossary of accessibility terms from the University of Washington.

This page give information on how to create and access file/documents such as word, pdf, PowerPoint and excel files. Each... see more

Dr. Watson is free service to analyze a web page on the internet for errors. This tool analyzes HTML syntax to make sure... see more

'Listen to SMS, listen to email, listen to TXT messages. DriveSafely® reads text messages, SMS and emails aloud and lets... see more

Tool for website mapping tool that lets you create, edit and share sitemaps. Integrated with google analytics, link info,... see more

E-text is textual information available in electronic format. It can be read and interacted with on or by a computer. It... see more

NCAM provides a free collection of training and professional development resources. STEM content includes information... see more

The EIII User Testing Tool (UTT) is a bookmarklet designed for web accessibility evaluation (WCAG 2.0). With this tool,... see more

This website from the University of California Office of the President provides information about the US Electronic... see more

"EnACT~PTD supports California State University students with disabilities in attaining their educational goals.... see more

This presentation discusses deep ecology using as an example themes from the movie "Avatar." In addition, it is intended... see more

This guide has been designed to help guide you in the creation of accessible EPUB 3 content. It includes a quality... see more

Etre's Accessibility Check evaluates your page against subset of the WAI guidelines. These guidelines form the basis of... see more

The European Internet Inclusion Initiative is a website with tools that check the accessibility of PDF pages. PDF pages... see more

The European Internet Inclusion Initiative is a website with tools that check the accessibility of web pages. HTML pages... see more

This PDF is a chapter by Petrie, H. and Bevan, N. from The Universal Access Handbook, C Stepanidis (ed), London: Taylor... see more