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This lecture manual simply guides you to the very foundation and basics of computer that begins with describing computer... see more

Video (Polimedia) y presentación diapositivas ( Taller básico sobre el gestor de... see more

Created in collaboration with Jordan Moberg Parker, UCLA's Director of Undergraduate Laboratory Curriculum and Assessment... see more

The following is a list of organizations and projects powered with Creative Commons licenses.It includes directories of... see more

This website (and company) provides technology training, especially for productivity tools. They offer free reference... see more

In this module, you will create and manipulate geospatial map data to examine how interfaces can aid or impede aspects of... see more

Many people are familiar with using spreadsheets to create, manipulate, and carry-out mathematical operations on data. In... see more

This Library Guide provides resources to help students to identify "fake" news, bias, and propaganda, as well as good... see more

The term digital citizenship comes from the idea that computer users are inhabitants, or “citizens” of the digital... see more

Digital Content Curation is the process of collecting, organizing and sharing information relevant to a particular topic... see more

The Digital Library Instructional Learning Series links Smarter Balanced Digital Library resources with content from... see more

Reports, funding, and competition dealing with digital media and learning; coordinated by the MacArthur Foundation

eThemes is your source for content-rich, kid-safe online resources that will help enhance your K12 teaching and save you... see more

This journal article discusses the need for media literacy in higher education, and ways to assess students' competency.... see more

This is a PDF download. This fake news poster explains fake news: its consumption, discernment, and instructional... see more

This blog article emphasizes the need to teach students critical media literacy skills.

Find out if that latest internet news sensation, hype, viral video, photo is a FAKE or FACT. We do our homework, so you... see more

This game aims to teach media literacy and study how people interact with misinformation.

Fight Scams Now is an online news magazine focused on providing it's readers a heads up on scam and fraudulent cases from... see more

Keynote speech at the 2015 Internet Librarian International conference. The topic dicussed how to balance privcy and free... see more

Search for and select relevant information. Use search engines and lookout for relevance, bias and copyright in... see more

This series of information literacy modules will help post-secondary students in the health sciences (especially Nursing)... see more

The Journalism Education Association supports free and responsible scholastic journalism by providing resources and... see more

Full Fact is the UK's independent fact checking organisation