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This module from the Kahn Academy consists of 4 short videos. The titles of the videos are: Expensing a Truck Leads to... see more

This is the third in a series of three books with the title of Excel Solutions for Accountants: written after a career in... see more

This playlist consists of 8 YouTube videos that appear to coincide with Chapter 3 of the Needles and Powers Financial... see more

This calculator allows the user to input a number of variables such as current and long term assets, sales, cost of goods... see more

Gail Perry and the staff at Fun with Taxes, each week, scour the internet for obscure, interesting, and little noticed... see more

This calculator enables the user to input various values for starting inventory, safety stock, initial demand, order lead... see more

Is this a question you hear from your donors? This brief overview of deductibility can help your exempt organization... see more

Students will understand how costs move / flow through the conversion process. This will include understanding of MOH... see more

This 12:50 minute video is Module 2 from the online course ABC's of Auditing from the Finance Learning Academy. In... see more

This video walks through the calculations of the FIFO (First In First Out) Inventory Valuation Method. This inventory... see more

This PowerPoint Family Feud game is a review of introductory financial accounting. Specific chapters that could be... see more

A Discussion of Relevant Costs

This problem-based learning activity helps students practice recording a business-to-business sales/purchase transactions... see more

The balance sheet is an interactive technical note which describes the different parts of the balance sheet. A small info... see more

This blog is written by Tracy Coenen who is a forensic accountant and fraud examiner in Chicago and Milwaukee. She... see more

The Summa is financial accounting blog by David Albrecht. The purpose of this blog is to serve as an outlet for Dr.... see more

Este sitio tiene el objetivo de ayudar a los gerentes y administradores a hacer un mejor trabajo al momento de anticipar... see more

This is a group of five exercises regarding variable and absorption costing. The solutions are also shown to help... see more

Materials related to the just-in-time philosophy and concepts including a text chapter and a number of articles... see more

An overview of basic elements of expense recognition, to accompany chapter 3 of see more

Test your knowledge of tax terms by solving an interactive crossword puzzle that involves how taxes influence behavior... see more

Accounting Basics for Students is a free online source of basic accounting lessons and questions, from the accounting... see more

In lesson two of the eight provided by Simple Studies, the following concepts are addressed: accrual accounting,... see more

Caclulator Use of one of four free audio lecture presentation from The file size is 19.3 MG. The... see more