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College Physics, a free open source online textbook. This textbook is produced and published by OpenStax College. The... see more

'The Collisions1D app is a basic physics lab, in which two objects (a red ball and a blue ball) collide with one another... see more

el objetivo es conocer los fundamentos electroquímicos del funcionamiento de las pilas de combustible y baterías... see more

'Electrons is a charged particle simulator for iPad. It allows you to create dozens of positively or negatively charged... see more

This highly interactive Exploriment iPad App lets you explore the effect of gravity on weight and mass on different... see more

A complete course in Basic Physics presented one question at a time - Interactive study guide in basic physics with... see more

'G allows you to quickly experiment the effects of the Universal Gravitation by adding bodies into a simulation, seeing... see more

'The Harmonograph. An awesome Victorian apparatus now on iPad! This app simulates a real-time four pendulums harmonograph... see more

'Isaac Newton’s Gravity HD offers 7 free levels to challenge you. Upgrade to the full version for the complete Gravity... see more

'This little app, with a superb oscilloscope look-and-feel, lets you experiment with different forms of Lissajous... see more

'The MassSpring app is a basic physics lab, in which a block is attached to an ideal spring. You can set the mass of the... see more

'Study and understand Mechanics right on your favorite mobile device. Mechanics uses a gaming-grade physics engine to... see more

'Newton's Cradles demonstrate the conservation of momentum and energy. They are also known as Newton's Balls, Balance... see more

'The Waves app consists of a collection of five different simulations that deal with traveling waves, standing waves, and... see more

'The Projectile app is a tutorial aimed at understanding projectile motion, which is two-dimensional motion under the... see more

En este Screencast se analiza el movimiento de caída de un objeto, sometido a una fuerza de rozamiento proporcional a la... see more

Con esta simulación podemos ver la trayectoria de una partícula que se mueve con una velocidad radial v, sobre una... see more

Presentació d'una experiència per a mesurar l'efecte Doppler en ones sonores, mitjançant una App per a mòbil amb sistema... see more

En este polimedia se abordan algunas cuestiones de álgebra vectorial, en concreto se estudia el producto de un escalar... see more

El objetivo es conocer los aspectos fundamentales de las pilas de combustible alcalinas, considerando sus componentes... see more

'Angle Meter is an accurate angle (from the surface of the earth) measurement tool.' This is a free app

Se introduce el tema de análisis de datos experimentales. Para empezar se dan las definiciones básicas, explicando los... see more

En este objeto de aprendizaje se muestra cómo realizar el análisis térmico de un intercambiador. Se recuerdan en primer... see more

Los compresores volumétricos alternativos se basan en el movimiento de un embolo gracias a un sistema de biela-manivela.... see more