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Who are the students in my class? How do I design a course? Which teaching method is right for me, my students, and the... see more

Getting your students excited about the subject matter is critical to motivating your students to learn. Utilizing the... see more

Challenge students to become ‘species experts’ for an endangered species and explore biogeography concepts using species... see more

A set of flash communicative, interactive activities in Spanish such as directions, numbers, tense introduction,... see more

This online workshops teaches users to use a blog as a course management system.

This is the "Lecturer Zone" of the website which has been developed for the use of lecturers, teachers and careers... see more

Users completing this course will be prepared to review documents for accessibility and to create new documents that are... see more

This is a lab activity which can be used to extract DNA from a variety of living tissues. This can help reinforce the... see more

DO-IT (Disabilities, Opportunities, Internetworking, and Technology) serves to increase the success of people with... see more

This link will take you directly to the PowerPoint used to present at the Jan 09 presentation for LCIN.

This website helps the teacher to be more proficient in classroom management. It has many tips to organization and... see more

This is a guide to better assist teachers in teaching adult students better. To help adult students adujst to the ever... see more

This lesson plan and presentation provides students an opportunity to explore Facebook Marketplace (FBM) as an organizing... see more

The Library of Congress (LC), established in 1800 by the United States Congress, is the largest library in the world with... see more

Práctico y completo material que trata de aportar educación sobre alimentación y nutrición, en los adultos en Chile.... see more

This video provides an indepth overview of how to perform a nursing head-to-toe assessment. This video is particularly... see more

Community website where instructors can find and share resources for teaching Spanish to heritage language learners.

Download the supporting PDF file for this episode from the Learning to Teach Online project website.... see more

A comprehensive handbook of workshop design principles, guidelines for each stage of the training, using case studies,... see more

Download the supporting PDF file for this episode from the Learning to Teach Online project website.... see more

Launched in 2006, Infinite Thinking Machine (ITM) examines ingenuity and innovation in Education. This Internet TV show... see more

Infographics (short for "information and graphics") are visual representations of information, data or knowledge. They... see more

Spotify as an Organizing System is a presentation designed to introduce users to the audio platform interface, its user... see more

This course provides those involved in educating members of the health professions an asynchronous, interdisciplinary,... see more