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'Like the spelling checker tells you about possible spelling errors, Accessibility Checker in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint... see more

Provides an easy way to explore the most relevant guidelines using a simplified language framework and easy to explore... see more

Tool for checking color contrast ratio. Has ability to check for different types of color blindness, such as Deuteranope,... see more

'Not sure how to convert a Microsoft Word document into an accessible format? Confused as how to create a tagged document... see more

This article specifically goes over the value labels have when creating an accessible website. It gives brief examples of... see more

The article provides information to developers on the importance of images and how they, if coded properly, enhance... see more

'Whether you create your syllabus in word processor like MS Word or with a web page editing program like Dreamweaver, the... see more

This is a collection of training resources offered by Adobe. Whether you want to learn how to access electronic... see more

'Create interactive forms that can be used by anyone, ensuring privacy and independence for all. Adobe Acrobat XI Pro’s... see more

'This document describes the process for making PDF documents accessible. Whenever possible, accessibility should be... see more

'Adobe® Systems introduced Action Wizards for Acrobat® X. Actions allow you to apply one or more routine sets of commands... see more

This 90-page document provides advice regarding all accessibility issues with Adobe Acroba XI. 'The PDF format is the... see more

Alt Text Checker is a tool that looks at the “alt” attribute for each image on the page and displays the image with the... see more

This is a resource to provide information on how to make images accessible. The article discusses the use of “alt text”... see more

This site provides comprehensive guidance on authoring accessible PowerPoint files. The site includes Usage notes as well... see more

Contains the accessibility statement of California State University with regards to the procurement of materials,... see more

Contains all the basics required for developing an accessibility plan/initiative for a university, including a mission... see more

'The purpose of this document is to provide faculty with a simple tool to evaluate whether they have successfully... see more

Article briefly describes the guidelines for color contrast ratio. It further gives and example of both color contrast... see more

Colorblind Webpage Filter is a tool that applies filters to a webpage. This is used for people with color vision... see more

This page has information on how to provide enough contrast between text and its background so that it can be read by... see more

Online checker. Checks contrast ratio for accessibility. Checks against WCAG 2.0 specifications, levels unknown.

'Tagged PDF files make it easier for screen readers and other assistive technologies to determine a logical reading order... see more

WebAIM is a non-profit organization with the goal of providing wide-ranging web accessibility solutions to developers.... see more