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'Trying to manage a project without project management software can turn into a Godzilla-like apocalypse quickly. Even... see more

The purpose of this white paper is to present a brief overview of possible modeling techniques for object-oriented and... see more

Soft Computing : Course lectures, hours 42. There are 9 pdf files, total 398 pages. Topics : Introduction to Soft... see more

The Cyber Security and Information Systems Information Analysis Center (CSIAC) is a Department of Defense... see more

This website provides an introduction to the Object-Oriented analysis and design method for an ATM Simulation. It is well... see more

'This collection of work flows from author Udo Richard Averweg’s curiosity and long experience in the Information Systems... see more

Introduction to the Modeling and Analysis of Complex Systemsintroduces students to mathematical/computational modeling... see more

Introduction to the Modeling and Analysis of Complex Systemsintroduces students to mathematical/computational modeling... see more

With raised awareness and accessibility laws emerging around the world, understanding what inclusive access to the Web... see more

Based on the authors' industrial experiences, this book is a guide on how to reverse engineer legacy systems to... see more

This is a good tool to help learn Unified Modeling Language. Free tool allows users to build models; versions with more... see more

This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 13th IFIP WG 2.13 International Conference on Open Source Systems,... see more

In this book, you will learn about all three kinds of interaction. In all three cases, interesting software techniques... see more

A tool that has been helping managers around the world for an impressive 70 years: the PDCA cycle. Why is so important... see more

Google has created several websites to promote its Web browser Chrome. Its latest venture, titled Web Lab, is an effort... see more

This web site is oriented to: experienced software QA and testing engineers who need some quick information from the... see more

Partner Only Material

The goals of this textbook are to help students acquire the technical skills of using software and managing a database,... see more

Teaching & Learning Technologies (TLT) is comprised of the Classroom Support and Instructional Design Teams. TLT provides... see more

A well organized description of CMM, including descriptions of key processes and key practices.

This site explains the Personal Software Process and guides the users through a series of 13 lessons.

The Software Engineering Institute has developed the Team Software Process (TSP) to help integrated engineering teams... see more

"The author investigates the history and cultural significance of Free Software, revealing the people and practices that... see more