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The Chemical Safety Board report on the Fire at the EQ hazardous waste transfer facilty in APEX NC. Contains animation as... see more

The second part of the US Chemical Safety Board report on teh EQ hazardous waste transfer facility in Apex NC

'This application displays International Chemical Safety Cards [ICSC] produced by the United Nations Environment... see more

From Fire Expo, a presentation available for download in the use of Class B foam

Professor William D. Hicks details examples of successful fire service evacuations.

'The first part of this book is available in "Fundamentals of Hydrogen Safety Engineering, I This is the first... see more

Professor William D. Hicks details hazard control zones.

Shane Lacount explains a seemingly minor incident involving hazardous materials can quickly become a major problem if not... see more

Professor Shane Lacount reviews response times of hazardous materials incidents that can occur anywhere and at any time.

Professor William D. Hicks discusses the importance of isolation perimeters.

Professor William D. Hicks explains the best manner to surround a hazmat incident with a large perimeter.

Workers exposed to hazardous materials may be at risk for many serious health problems, such as kidney or lung damage,... see more

Professor William D. Hicks examines the need for immediate rescues in Hazardous Materials incidents.

This is a free book offered by BookBoon. For project managers and engineers involved with hazardous processes, this... see more

The purpose of this OER is to provide students with a comprehensive textbook aligned with the NDT 130 (Radiographic... see more

US Chemical Safety Board video on static sparks and safety related to flammable liquids and static electricity

This film examines traumatic injuries and biological organisms that affect the eye. This instructional film is from... see more