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Reuleaux Triangle is an example of a constant width shape other than the circle. The applet illustrates its ability to... see more

Illustrates geometrical relationships between the sides of related triangles.

Illustrates a theorem using the Pythagoras diagram but yielding a surprising triangle.

This calculator computes the angles of a triangle given 3 sides.

Gives the lengths of altitude and median along with radii of incircle and circumcircle.

Complete Classroom InterActivity for exploring the fact: If the median to the longest side of a triangle and the two... see more

This (STAIR) activity will introduce the three geometric ratios (sine, cosine, tangent) and teach the relationships... see more

A large collection of applets designed to demonstrate basic mathematics. Many foreign-language versions available.

Math Water Table is an online liquid simulator. (Former obbliq) To get the area of a limited number of shapes (rectangles... see more

You can alter the geometric construction dynamically in order to test and prove (or disproved) conjectures and gain... see more


This material is a part of a collection of learning materials at the site of Rio Rancho Math Camp. The site provides "an... see more

This material is a part of a collection of learning materials at the site of Rio Rancho Math Camp. The site provides "an... see more

Este sitio web esta dirigido para estudiantes que cursen el ultimo año de primaria y el primero de secundaria, ya sea... see more

Es un material para niños de los ultimos grados de primaria y el principio de la secundaría, enfocado para repapsar lo... see more

This book is designed for a semester-long course in Foundations of Geometry and meant to be rigorous, conservative,... see more

This site contains several hundred articles concerned with mathematics and physics. General topics include Number Theory,... see more

Actividades para el aprendizaje de congruencia y semejanza en polígonos.

Touch Pythagoras: The Pythagorean Theorem Interactive. You can change the lengths of the legs (dragging). You can change... see more

QuasiTiler draws Penrose tilings and their generalizations. This document explains the interesting geometry involved in... see more

Housed with the Digital Mathematics Archive (, this site contains a complete... see more

This site allows the user to specify triangle side lengths, then draws the triangle and computes its angles.

An interactive tool to create and display geometrical 3D objects like points, vectors, lines, planes, circles, triangles... see more