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Glboal Trade Watch provides a number of links to information about various trade organizations (WTO, NAFTA) as well as... see more

The globalEDGE World is Open For Business Module was created in cooperation with the U.S. Commercial Service, and... see more

Contains data on Official Development Assistance (ODA), Official Aid (OA) and other lending to developing countries and... see more

Historically, international trade has played a critical role in enabling countries to grow, develop, and become... see more

This lesson explores the relationship between productivity and international trade. Students will be able to Explain why... see more

This site contains information on a wide range of legal, financial and regulatory issues relating to international trade... see more

This site provides information on the import and export of goods among the three NAFTA countries. Links are provided to a... see more

This is a free textbook offered by BookBoon. My position in writing this book is that of an expert in matters relating to... see more

This series of lesson plans examines population growth rates between More Developed Countries and Lesser Developed... see more

This is a transcript of a segment of NewsHour with Jim Lehrer in which Paul Solman reports on the ongoing international... see more

This site, sponsored by Eldis, contains links to current articles about trade policy. These articles are listed in... see more

This is an easy-to-use tool offering one place to go for comprehensive trade information, trade leads, and company... see more

This resource provides information about trade with China fact sheets for each industry, copies of articles on trade with... see more

This lesson explores trade barriers in general and t focuses on why some U.S. farmers want one specific trade barrier,... see more

Includes current monthly economic statistics for most countries and areas of the world. The statistics are obtained by... see more

The World Trade Organization reviews periodically all member countries' trade policies. This page provides the press... see more

A series of online modules dealing with international trade issues. Many are interactional with self quizzes or cases.... see more

Query database selections here: World Development Indicators (WDI) is the World... see more

Página chilena, donde muestra como exportar paso a paso

These are preprinted tables that include each state's exports to specific countries and regions.

הביקוש לגז טבעי, המספק כ- 22% מצריכת האנרגיה של מערב אירופה, צפוי לגדול עד סוף העשור ב- 2.3% לשנה בממוצע. הביקוש הגובר... see more

החלו העבודות להנחת צינור הנפט באקו-סייהן שבאזרביג'ן לטורקיה. הצינור יאפשר לייצא נפט מאזור הים הכספי, ויסייע לגוון את... see more

אסטרטגיית המחירים של אופ"ק נחלה הצלחה ב-3 השנים האחרונות והגדילה את הכנסות הנפט של חברות הארגון, אולם ההגנה על המחיר תוך... see more

מלחמה בעיראק תביא לירידה חריפה בביקוש לנפט גולמי (ספוט) מהמפרץ, והיבואנים צפויים לתור אחר שווקים חדשים כדי להימנע מתשלום... see more