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This webpage, created by CyberWise, provides videos, ebooks, curriculum and other digital resources about digital... see more

This teacher librarian's blog includes 15 bibliographies that help librarians and other educators to teach K-12 using... see more

Media and Ethics is a basic journalism WebQuest. Along with good writing and photography skills, a reporter must have a... see more

The Office for Intellectual Freedom is charged with implementing ALA policies concerning the concept of intellectual... see more

This blog entry details lessons to help students avoid plagiarizing.

Discussion about censorship issues by the American Civil Liberties Union

Index on Censorship is an international organisation that promotes and defends the right to freedom of expression. The... see more

American Psychological Association two-page advice sheet on ways to avoid plagiarism, including plagiarizing yourself.

Keynote speech at the 2015 Internet Librarian International conference. The topic dicussed how to balance privcy and free... see more

This series of flyers identifies one's digital habits and provides a checklist to assess ways to improve one's digital... see more

Interactive 5-part online tutorial on intellectual property, including plagiarism, file sharing, citing resources, and... see more

This guide provides resources to help K-12 students be proactive digital citizens.

Test your knowledge of academic integrity with this quick quiz.

Take this quiz to find out what kind of digital citizen you are -- and how to improve your digital wellness.

The “Exploring Data Worlds at the Public Library” project investigates youth data literacy in the context of... see more

This article from EduCause explains citizen journalism, its issues, and implications in education.

This study develops a framework of basic categories of civic learning grounded in research on civic education. That... see more