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Soil and Water Conservation: An Annotated Bibliography highlights freely-available online content related to soil and... see more

To get started, review these recent articles and video to consider general tips, procedures, pros and cons, etc. In... see more

Simplify the course's content, structure, activities, and assignments in order to optimize the chances of success for... see more

This course is the 3rd installment in a three part series intended to support the flipped classroom approach for... see more

This course is the 2nd in a three part series intended to support the flipped classroom approach for traditional basic... see more

Contains video lectures and associated study guides used to support the flipped classroom approach to teaching basic... see more

This playlist of 70 videos discusses DC circuit analysis techniques. Topics include: DC math, engineering notation and... see more

Interpreting metal fab drawings is a course that introduces the principles of interpretation and application of... see more

This booklet will lay out step by step procedures and how they can aid a crafts-person to build templates to build both... see more

This is an entry level blueprint reading book written for the first year welding student. The book will be used in the... see more

Learning to Learn Online helps you prepare for online learning success by introducing you to the online learning... see more

Through this module, sociology of education, a subject that is not taught in secondary schools, you will acquire a very... see more

It is beginning to look more likely that institutions will be leaning heavily on online and blended models of course... see more

Online courses allow you to learn whenever, wherever, and however works best for you, making it easier to earn your... see more

Accounting Principles: A Business Perspective uses annual reports of real companies to illustrate many of the accounting... see more

Users of Expressions and Inquiry will note that it has three major sections—Section One which primarily focuses on the... see more

Contents include Anatomical language, Bones and Bone Markings, Spinal Cord and Spinal Nerves, Brain and Cranial Nerves,... see more

This textbook introduces students to the application methods of control charts to improve quality in health care. The... see more

This textbook introduces students to the essential tools of quality improvement. The emphasis is placed on health care... see more

An open-access curriculum for beginning German. Welcome to Grenzenlos Deutsch, an open online curriculum for beginning... see more

This textbook is an introduction to health. Chapters include Psychological Health, Stress Management, Relationships and... see more

Introductory Statistics was conceived and written to fit a particular topical sequence, but it can be used flexibly to... see more

Traditionally, research on aging described only the lives of people over age 65 and the very old. Contemporary theories... see more

This is a free academic resource and a free textbook that can be printed at low-cost if you prefer paper. Southern Oregon... see more