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25-31 of 31 results for: MERLOT Materials is the most comprehensive list of Open Data Portals (520+) in the world. It is curated by a group of... see more

A new study has found that women who stay seated for long periods of time every day are more prone to developing type 2... see more represents an excellent example of a "Global Open Access Initiative" working towards greater transparency... see more

These guidelines, written for clinicians, contains evidence-based recommendations for the prevention of hospital acquired... see more

Vaccines don't just work on an individual level, they protect entire populations. Learn more about how vaccines work to... see more

This app is for hemophiliacs or other individuals with bleeding disorders to help track bleeding events, the severity of... see more

Translators Without Borders (TWB) links the world's translators (190+ world languages) to vetted NGO's that aims to close... see more