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DnaTube Scientific Video Site is a collection of video-based studies, lectures, seminars, animations, and slide... see more

Free online academic and vocational self-paced courses. All courses include freely available online course... see more

fundamentals of statistics and probability............plz learn it...... see more

"A Coin Toss simulator. Just slide your finger from the bottom to the top, and the coin will spin and decide your fate.... see more

"An electronic laboratory for exploring probability. Flip a coin, spin a spinner, roll a die from one to thousands of... see more

Forget about looking up critical z-, t-, Chi-square and F-values in tables. The DecisionVisualizer computes exact values... see more

This pdf document is a Goal-Directed Instructional Design Plan for teaching a mathematics lesson on Using Measures of... see more

"Simple Dice is a simple and easy-to-use app that allows your to roll a dice to get a random 1-6 number. Great for... see more

This online tool developed to make searching statistics quicker and easier, provides selected demographic and economic... see more

This model-eliciting activity (MEA) challenges students to develop a model for predicting the characteristics of a person... see more

Customizable worksheet for practicing mean, median, mode, and range calculations. Creates a printable PDF with up to 20... see more

These exercise is oriented to training students to develop 3D accuracy virtual models with a mobile phone.

This model-eliciting activity has students determine how to create a fair judging scheme for a paper airplane contest... see more

This model-eliciting activity (MEA) challenges students to develop ideas about center and variability when making... see more

Rate of Covid-19 vaccination worldwide as of February 24, 2021, by country.

One popular class activity to help students understand chance behavior is to observe the runs of consecutive heads or... see more

From their role in the economy to their failure rates to the challenges of finding business loans. Here, we’ve gathered... see more

As part of our NSF-funded passion-driven statistics project, we have just started to share more widely our “translation... see more