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The greatest challenge faced by educators today across diffrent sectors is to teach students problem solving .This... see more

'A simple App that lets a kid enter a number, then reads the number aloud. Originally written to satisfy my son's "What... see more

'Why limit yourself to one line display of cheap pocket calculators when your iPhone or iPad can do much more? Scalar... see more

'Drag, manipulate and animate visual mathematics to develop and generalize your understanding of fundamental concepts... see more

'Prequel to the successful Splash Math Series Grades 1 to 5 - Splash Math Kindergarten app allows kids to get started... see more

"Simple version of popular Tangram designed with kids in mind. Avoids unnecessary design and decoration to keep kids... see more

'Trigonir© is a product of a long lasting career in education. Teachers of mathematics have long been searching for a way... see more

'Video Calculus covers everything from limits and derivatives to differential equations and vector calculus. By... see more

'I have provided a virtual set of fraction bars on for several years. Many teachers have contacted me about... see more

By Professor Alan H. Schoenfeld of the University of California Berkeley Graduate School of Education, this article... see more

'Splash Math is a fun and innovative way to practice math. With 11 chapters covering over 185 math skills and an endless... see more

"Having a 2st grader son, this app was designed to mainly make maths lot easier for kids. This app is a great app for... see more

This is a collection of resources that are designed for a secondary level mathematics class. Units include: Natural... see more

This book is designed for pre-service/in-service teachers and others who will work or work with K–12 students who have... see more

eXeLearning 2.0 is a free and open source software tool under GLP-2 allowing teachers and educators to author and edit... see more

tutory(tm) is an online editor/authoring tool for Open Educational Resources (OER) specialized in worksheets for schools... see more