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Probability distributions, p-values, and percentiles are fundamental topics taught to introductory statistics students.... see more

The Probability Integral Transform and the Accept-Reject Algorithm are two methods for generating a random variable with... see more

This app allows the user to draw repeated samples from a specified population shape (normal, left-skewed, right-skewed,... see more

This app focuses on conducting a t-test and checking the normality condition. Both the one-sample and two-sample t-tests... see more

The ANOVA F-test is used to test for difference in means between groups, and requires the conditions of normality (or... see more

Increase Student Success Through Web-based Assignment and Coordinated Remediation.

In this class students will learn the fundamentals of statistical inference. Students will receive a broad overview of... see more

This is a new approach to an introductory statistical inference textbook, motivated by probability theory as logic. It is... see more

Presents construction of sampling frames, area sampling, methods of estimation, stratified sampling, subsampling, and... see more

'★ Perfect review app for midterms and final exams! ★ Proven to INCREASE GRADES and SAVE TIME for INTRO STATS students. ★... see more

This is a calculator menu that can handle just about all of the typical statistical items that a student will encounter... see more

This is an introductory Statistics Textbook for first year college courses. This book places data at the center of the... see more

This site contains over 50 different statistics calculators, visualizations and games for the elementary statistics... see more

The California State University and MERLOT have partnered to showcase how and why faculty have adopted Open Educational... see more

'StatsMate is an easy-to-use powerful statistics calculator for iOS. It has been featured by Apple on Apps For Learning... see more

Support Course for Elementary Statistics for: - Front Matter - Decimals, Fractions, and Percents - The Number Line -... see more

The fifth volume in a series of Advanced Educational Statistics - Step by Step Guidebooks, t-Test & ANOVA builds on the... see more

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines “statistics” as “a branch of mathematics dealing with the collection, analysis,... see more

This is an activity that allows elementary statistics students to practice working out problems that involve the normal... see more

This book has been specifically written and edited to support classes dealing with the subjects of critical thinking and... see more

Think Bayes is an introduction to Bayesian statistics using computational methods. The premise of this book, and the... see more