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This presentation begins with a short video overview of wikis and a look at Wikipedia, the best known wiki. Next we... see more

We will present an overview of the evolution of image processing from research labs to the mobile phone cameras we carry... see more

An IT encyclopedia and learning center

The purpose of this project is to help the learner understand similarities and differences between word processing,... see more

In this presentation, we'll see that Internet writing is important, we do a lot of it and the quality is good. We'll... see more

We are covering three general types of Internet writing – conversational and collaborative writing and the writing of... see more

Our class covers IT literacy. The "I" stands for information, but what do we mean by information? Information theorists... see more

Tutorial for logic circuits with interactive questions and answers.

People generally agree that Steve Jobs does great presentations and the PowerPoint package that accompanies many text... see more

This tutorial teaches students how to differentiate among trade, scholarly, and popular periodicals. It should take 15-20... see more