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A JavaScript that creates the empirical cumulative distribution function based on the frequency of data set.

It is a JavaScript to test if k populations having equal variances using Bartlett's test.

It is a JavaScript that test for statistical equality of two or more correlation coefficients

A JavaScript that computes confidence interval for standard deviation, confidence interval for variance, and confidence... see more

An online course in Business Statistics for MBA students

These standards-based activities are designed to use gamma-ray bursts -- unimaginably huge explosions which signal the... see more

It is a JavaScript that computes Chi-square statistic as a measuring tool and decision criterion for goodness of-fit... see more

It is a JavaScript that tests exponential distribution based on the Kolmogorov-Smirnov statistic.

Histogram as a tool in checking unimodality of a population

Site worth exploring...varied and interesting

Funded by the National Science Foundation, the Learning Matrix collection provides access to about a 1,000 online... see more

It is a JavaScript that tests exponential distribution based on the Lilliefors' statistic.

It presents installation information for a free-of-charge software package that solves linear programming models by the... see more

Whenever the decision maker has some knowledge regarding the states of nature, he/she may be able to assign subjective... see more is a great resource for busy parents who wish to understand better their childrenÂ’s progress in education... see more

'Over 100 math formulas at high school level. The covered areas include algebra, geometry, calculus, trigonometry,... see more

Users can navigate through a collection of Math resources from elementary to college level material. Users can select... see more

It is a JavaScript that computes the best time to replace equipment, and provides the average cost during its usage.

Given a column of N random numbers, find the best choice of three Weibull parameters to give a Weibull distribution to... see more

It is a JavaScript to compute the p-values for the most popular distributions.

It is a Java applet that test a claimed on difference in proportions based on a set of random paired observations, known... see more

It is a JavaScript that constructs exact confidence intervals and test of hypothesis with respect to proportion,... see more

It is a JavaScript that constructs a graph of a given time series as a tool for the initial characterization process.

Polynomial regression models are often used in economics such as utility function, forecasting, cost and befit analysis,... see more