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Though the Lucy experiment would largely be called a failure, could there be a way to re-do it... but better? Producer... see more

Chimps. Bonobos. Humans. We're all great apes, but that doesn’t mean we’re one happy family. This hour of Radiolab:... see more

Online practice quizzes for any subject. Submitted by professors for their students.

This article supports the theories of body dissatisfaction and the effects from social media.

This course helps in developing skills as science communicators through projects and analysis of theoretical principles.... see more

Students with a hearing disability have a number of assistive tools at their disposal. Some assistive technology, such as... see more

Neuroimaging reveals how polyglots’ brains respond to both familiar and unfamiliar languages

Learn online and earn valuable credentials from top universities like Yale, Michigan, Stanford, and leading companies... see more

6.345 introduces students to the rapidly developing field of automatic speech recognition. Its content is divided into... see more

6.541J surveys the structural properties of natural languages, with special emphasis on the sound pattern. Topics covered... see more

The course focuses on experimental investigations of speech processes. Topics include: measurement of articulatory... see more

This course is a graduate introduction to natural language processing - the study of human language from a computational... see more