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This is an image compression demonstration. We use for the demonstration, but the steps would be the same with... see more

This presentation is an image processing demonstration. I'll create a 200 by 200 pixel image of a face, a "head shot." In... see more

This presentation steps through three image processing tasks. In doing so, we will use several tools and commands.

In this presentation we will see how to include an image in an HTML page and review the concepts tag, attribute, value... see more

Provides a definition and characteristics of information literacy

The Information Management Kit (IMARK) is a partnership-based e-learning initiative to train individuals and support... see more

Two factors are driving the cost of developing new Internet services down, the widespread adoption of an open platform... see more

According to Textbook Revolutionn, "This online-only “14-Lesson Introduction to Using Computers and the Internet for... see more

We'll outline three types of Internet writing – writing short documents, conversational writing and collaborative... see more

HTML tags are used to control the appearance of Web pages. HTML stands for hypertext markup language, though it is not a... see more

There are no skills in this presentation, but we'll see how objects are sent across the Internet. The bits in the object... see more

"This free textbook shows the reader where in the IT-based business legal problems are likely to arise. The author aims... see more

This presentation introduces the ideas of a list server and a subscription service. We also see the steps in subscribing... see more

This tutorial provides step by step instructions for obtaining earthquake data from the US Geological Survey and graphing... see more

Michael Wesch argues that the architecture of our classrooms shapes students and professors expectations. He outlines... see more

Our class is about networked applications, and there is a danger that we may think of them as better than stand-alone... see more

Our class is about networked applications, and there is a danger that we may think of them as better than stand-alone... see more

We will use ping, a network utility program, to determine the time it takes to send a packet from one host to another... see more

This presentation deals with communication technology. We will use two network utility programs, ping and traceroute, to... see more

We'll present a quick history of information technology data types. As we'll see, years of research precede mainstream... see more

You retrieve pages from Web servers every day, but may not have thought about how the information gets to your computer.... see more

This presentation doesn't teach any skills, but focuses on the fact that all types of data – text, video, audio, images... see more

The presentation explains display technology and the use of colors in HTML.