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This intermediate module focuses on how computers work. It covers processors, memory, computer systems, representing... see more

A short story about the need for digital communication and how it leads to coding theory (variable length source coding)... see more

Welcome to Information Systems for Business and Beyond. In this book, you will be introduced to the concept of... see more

The remote lecture consists of video lectures, an FPGA remote lab and source code in C and VHDL. With the lecture you... see more

The University of Washington Tech Policy Lab’s Instructional Case Studies are designed to enhance tech policy capacity... see more

Presenting rigorous and original research, this volume offers key insights into the historical, cultural, social,... see more

How do we communicate digital information reliably in the presence of noise? Hamming's error correction code demonstrates... see more

This module-based course package for IT Policy and Law (Undergraduate) was developed under a Round 11 Textbook... see more

This full course covers how information technologies (IT) are reshaping and redefining the health care industry

Desktop applications: Access 2010 foundation day 1 is part one of an illustrated training guide that introduces the basic... see more

The material is a quiz set comprising 30 questions in compiler design ehich will be useful for educators .

Getting Started Basic Features Computer for Work Settings Solving Problems

En este video se explica que es la Memoria Dinamica con un Vector Dinamico en comparacion a la Memoria Estatica y... see more

La computación cuántica está dando sus primeros pasos, y las consecuencias de poder utilizar ordenadores cuánticos,... see more

Vídeo explicativo sobre las bases de la concurrencia, acompañado de 3 ejercicios prácticos.

Learn to how create, develop and share information in different ways including emails, text documents, numerical data,... see more

En este vídeo se usa un caso práctico relacionado con normalización de vectores en el videojuego Quake III para explorar... see more

Getting Started Basic Features Computer for Work Settings Solving Problems

Para poder escribir este mensaje he necesitado usar un ordenador con el que escribir, enviar y guardar la infomación que... see more

Explicación del funcionamiento de la integración por partes.

What is the limit of compression? Huffman codes are introduced in order to demonstrate how entropy is the ultimate limit... see more