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UK and South African mutant lineages of COVID-19 have increased contagion. The locations of these mutations in the spike... see more

This tutorial explains the transformation of the coronavirus spike protein that pulls the virus membrane into contact... see more

This tutorial explains the structure of the spike protein, accompanied by interactive animations of structures determined... see more

Video Tutorial with Quiz & open-ended questions: Major Histocompatibility Complex (MHC) molecular structure and how it... see more

Video Tutorial with Quiz & open-ended questions: Antibody (IgG1) molecular structure and how it supports defense... see more

Eight-minute narrated video about the causes, symptoms and treatments for sickle cell disease. Reviewed by Rishi Desai,... see more

Interactive 3D molecular visualization with immediate-feedback quiz. Following an Introduction to Molecular Visualization... see more

Many articles, mostly in Proteopedia, about terms or concepts in structural biology/structural bioinformatics, including:... see more

Rett syndrome is used as an example where new mutations in certain positions never enter the human gene pool, because the... see more

Ready-to-adapt syllabi for educators, designed to empowers students to find and understand macromolecular structures, and... see more

FirstGlance.Jmol.Org displays any macromolecular structure in interactive 3D, and provides views and tools for... see more

A quiz, with immediate feedback to the student, to challenge understanding of the interactive tutorial, the slideshow, or... see more

A video with voice explanation (no music), at, with numerous animated... see more

A slideshow, at, with numerous animated molecular models explaining polypeptide... see more

An interactive molecular model illustrates rotation of phi and psi angles in polypeptides, showing clashes forming and... see more