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Two conjunctions are struggling in the kitchen, when two more conjunctions come along to make everything easier: It's... see more

What do you call Santa after he gets divorced? An independent clause! Grammar Granny tells you all about them, and their... see more

What do you call a writer who doesn’t follow grammatical rules for combining sentences? A rebel without a clause!Grammar... see more

Negatives, questions, and passives, oh my! Grammar Granny tells you about the ways that simple sentences are transformed... see more

Finally! Grammar Granny works her way up to sentences and their structures. You’ll learn the basic syntax of simple... see more

Grammar Granny breaks phrases down EVEN FURTHER. In this module, you’ll learn about subjects, predicates, and semantic... see more

Grammar Granny gets into phrases; for most parts of speech there’s also a type of phrase and Grammar Granny explains them... see more

Grammar Granny’s still not done with verbs! Auxiliaries, catenatives, she’s not GONNA lie, it’s all here! Click this link... see more

Grammar Granny takes action and tells you more than you ever wanted to know about verbs. Click this link to follow along... see more

Grammar Granny dives deep into explaining all about nouns. Click this link to follow along with the video.... see more

Grammar Granny talks EVEN MORE about the 8 parts of speech.Click this link to follow along with the video.... see more

Meet your Grammar Granny! She’s here to help you get all the syntactic knowledge you need to be a great SLP! In her first... see more