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Musical analysis of Vivaldi's Le quattro stagioni

In four voices fugues there are 24 possible combinations in the order of voice entries in the exposition. This system of... see more

Build musical chords inside a circle using geometric shapes. Another way to look at chords.

Musical intervals are created inside a circle using lines or geomtric shapes. Another way to look at intervals.

Non-flash versions of the music theory and ear training exercises from (2006 MERLOT Classic Award). These... see more

A music theory and analysis site complete with tutorials, exercises, Music theory reference, Articles about music and... see more

Analysis of Bach's Fugue No 1 in C minor (WTC Book 1, BWV 847) This material is part of the website which was... see more

Analysis of fugues and canons from the Art of the Fugue by J. S. Bach.

The system of music notation allows users to specify two of the main characteristics of music: the note to be played, and... see more

Interactive online exercises: intervals, chords and scale construction, identification and ear-training, clef reading,... see more

Interactive Flash animation about secondary dominant chords. Includes musical examples and exercises

Interactive Flash animation about augmented sixth chords. Inlcudes musical examples and exercises.

Analysis of the G minor fugue BWV861 by Bach in Flash format

An analysis of Bach C major invention with musical examples.