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Pick what kind of triangle you would like to solve and the program will generate a random triangle of that type. trig,... see more

Enter 3 parts of a triangle and then enter the number of solutions and then your solution(s) accurate to the hundredths... see more

Art students can experiment with one point perspective of a cube. Students can move the vanishing point around, move the... see more

Helps beginning art students learn to draw two point perspective. Students can grab the vanishishing points and move them... see more

A place to draw vectors and break them up into their components, move them, negate them, add them, etc. Good program to... see more

Generates random sine graphs. The student needs to figure out the amplitude, period, vertical shift, and phase shift.... see more

Three random parts of a triangle are displayed and then the student is asked to find the number of solutions. Next if... see more

Allows the student to practice finding various radian measures on the unit circle, both in terms of multiples of key... see more

Teaches what is meant by the angle between two vectors. After learning vector addition, many students get confused when... see more

This program teaches how to add vectors geometrically. The student is shown how to add two vectors geometrically and then... see more

This program introduces students to the definition of a vector. Vector, Vectors, Trig, Precalculus, Trigonometry,... see more

This program provides practice thinking in terms of radian measure. Students can click on wedges of size pi/6, pi/4,... see more

Flash program that tests students’ graphical understanding of addition or subtraction of functions. Uses two randomly... see more