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Download the supporting PDF file for this episode from the Learning to Teach Online project website.... see more

Vimeo like YouTube contains millions of videos. Browse and search the Creative Commons licensed videos on Vimeo. Learn... see more

CHEER is a repository whose goal is to create a collaborative online exchange for engaging resources that can be used to... see more

This Risk Management Calculator can be used to help understand the types of factors that might determine specific levels... see more

The Author's Alliance and Creative Commons have created the "Termination of Transfer" (ToT) tool that helps authors... see more

A PowerPoint presentation outlining the basics of copyright (including what's included in the public domain, the TEACH... see more

'Andrew will discuss copyright issues associated with institutional repository efforts. These include identifying the... see more

The Open Education Handbook has been written to provide a useful point of reference for readers within a range of... see more

Open Attribute is a suite of tools designed to make it easy for anyone to give the correct atribution for any Creative... see more

B.C. Campus Open Education: Open Textbook Self-Publishing Guide is a practical reference/development tool for individuals... see more

Open Educational Resources (OER) Policy Registry is a database of current and proposed Open Education policies from... see more

Digital technology has made culture more accessible than ever before. Texts, audio, pictures and video can easily be... see more

Open licences and the free sharing and reuse of materials online have become increasingly popular. Governments,... see more

This is a slide presentation from the TAACCCT On! Conference (Oct 2014). The goal is to help the TAACCCT grantees from... see more

You can use CC-licensed materials as long as you follow the license conditions. One condition of all CC licenses is... see more

Confusion may arise from the use of various terms such as Free Cultural Works (FCW), Open Educational Resources (OER) and... see more

This document is a code of best practices (download as PDF here) designed to help those preparing OpenCourseWare (OCW) to... see more

No matter how long you’ve been an advocate of OER, you may sometimes feel like you need a (fun and nuanced) refresher on... see more

This is a 15-minute presentation that serves as a quick introduction to copyright for faculty and staff who want to... see more

"As part of our work we have developed a new engaging approach to copyright education sessions. For those of you who have... see more

Open Educational Resources (OER) rely on bending copyright law with tools such as Creative Commons (CC) licenses to... see more

" When I first heard about Chris Morrison and Jane Secker’s Copyright the Card Game, I thought it was an awesome idea,... see more

This is a presentation for SUNY Librarians Association 2013 annual conference about Creative Commons licenses for OERs.... see more

'There is no larger compendium of shared human knowledge and creativity than the Commons, including over 1.1 billion... see more