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Instructions on how to create a way for you and your colleagues to identify and discover the members of formal or... see more

The handout reviews the principles of designing learning assignments using online materials and provides samples and... see more

This is a downloadable and interactive handbook that outlines all the responsibilities of an Editor. In addition, there... see more

This is a guideline to help someone understand the Peer Review Process. It is used in the MERLOT 101 course.

This is a MERLOT presentation that was prepared by Nancy Kerner at University of Michigan. It is a PowerPoint... see more

This is the syllabus for the MERLOT 101 course created by Laura Franklin and administered by Laura and other members of... see more

This is a handbook that was created to help the discipline Portal Editor understand and manage the position. There are... see more

The Project Director Handbook serves as a reference material for Project Directors. The first part of the Handbook... see more

This is a lesson plan that incorporates the three spring sessions of the joint program between MERLOT and the TLT Group.... see more