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The Essential Science for Teachers courses are designed to help k - 6 teachers gain an understanding of some of the... see more

Animation of the break up of Pangaea,Earth's crust, plate boundaries (types). CA Earth Science Standard # 3a.

Activity that helps illustrate plate tectonics. Students cut out plate boundaries & use fossil evidence to show how &... see more

Animation showing the formation of a tsunami.

'Students will examine plate tectonics, the different movements between boundaries, and the features they create.'

An Interactive site that allows teachers/students to explore plate tectonics and how rocks are formed. The site offers... see more

This is an interactive tutorial to help one learn about plate tectonics.

A website which allows students to visualize the different faults.

An animated, video, html, lesson about plate tectonics that includes Wegner's hypothesis, the Theory, the driving forces,... see more

This site has six activities that use the hot spot in the pacific ocean that forms the hawaiian island arc. rates and... see more

Be a Mountain Maker and an Earth Shaker. Site allows you to see and make it happen. Includes seafloor spreading, and... see more

Short animations that show the direction in which the force is applied to form each type of fault. Hanging wall and foot... see more

This website contains short courses in Earth Science that are based on California Science state standards from 6th to 9th... see more

This is a STAIR model for review purposes of Plate Tectonics. Topics include Continental Drift, Seafloor Sreading,... see more

The Earth Science Reference Tables (ESRT) is an invaluable tool to the earth science student. It contains important... see more

Simulate convergent, transform and divergent boundaries with your mouse. Information is also provided.

The Improving Earthquake Monitoring is a course designed to explore how NASA is improving earthquake monitoring in the... see more

This StAIR (Stand Alone Instructional Resource) was created to help students understand Earth's multiple surface changes.... see more

This site has nice moving videos of the types of earth quakes.

This site has a short explanation about the San Andreas Fault and expands on the information through links to other... see more

According to Textbook Revolution, a student-run site “dedicated to increasing the use of free educational materials by... see more

This is a site that incorporates using longitude and latitude to plot geologic hazards. Earthquakes and volcanoes are... see more

Interactive demonstration that lets the user experiment with whether South America and Africa were ever connected or not.

According to Textbook Revolution, a student-run site “dedicated to increasing the use of free educational materials by... see more