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A complete set of simulations for a first semester college physics class.

The top of a spring pendulum (red circle) is moved to and fro - for example by hand; this motion is assumed as harmonic,... see more

A collection of over 140 videos of Physics Demonstrations covering a wide variety of topics, from mechanics to atomic.... see more

This applet shows a unique form of oscillator created by an board resting on two counter-rotating wheels. Changes in the... see more

Set of java applets for illustrating classical physics (highschool level), including gravitation, electric and magnetic... see more

Animates the motion of a linear array of particles joined by springs. The use can adjust the number of particles, their... see more

This simulation shows two pendula coupled by a spring which has a small spring constant (weak coupling). For such systems... see more

A simulation of masses hung from a scale including gravity. Virtual lab tools, including a ruler and a stopwatch can be... see more

Graphically illustrates harmonic oscillation with a mass attached to a spring.

This simulation lets users alter a variety of variables for simple harmonic motion for two systems: a spring with a... see more

This applet shows the motion of a simple harmonic oscillator in one dimension. Position, velocity, and acceleration can... see more

Java applet for dampled harmonic motion. Source code available at

This applet shows a hanging mass on a spring. Users may add or remove mass from the spring to change the equilibrium... see more

Clearly displays the relationship between circular motion, the motion of a simple harmonic oscillator, and the plot of a... see more

Applet demonstrates the motion of two coupled oscillators.

An applet of a forced oscillator. The applet includes damping and a phase-space plot. Mirror at... see more

Applets and tutorial on mechanical waves. One applet covers the normal modes of vibration, the other covers a forced... see more

This is a complete tutorial on oscillatory motion, complete with extensive explanations and references. On the left side... see more

This applet provides a simulation of an oscillator damped by friction. The initial position and the coefficient of... see more

Demonstrates the path of particles that describe Lissajous figures.

Java applet demonstrating simple harmonic motion.

This applet shows number of particles in SHM. All the particles have same amplitude, same frequency but are at different... see more