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Práctico y completo material que trata de aportar educación sobre alimentación y nutrición, en los adultos en Chile.... see more

This video provides an indepth overview of how to perform a nursing head-to-toe assessment. This video is particularly... see more

This course provides those involved in educating members of the health professions an asynchronous, interdisciplinary,... see more

This site provides information regarding arrhythmias, heart failure, hypertension, interventions/surgery, preventions of... see more

This trainer's guide is designed for both lay people and health professionals who are conducting group-training sessions... see more

This interactive module has multiple lessons that is presented through various interactions. The lessons allow the... see more

The Society of Pediatric Nurses offers webinars for free contact hours. Membership to the SPN is required, but you can... see more

This lesson received an honorable mention in the 2010 SoftChalk Lesson Challenge. 'The goal of this training is to comply... see more

This trainer’s guide is designed for both lay people and health professionals who are conducting group-training sessions... see more

This series of workshops provides skills to pediatric physicians, nurses, respiratory therapists and other health... see more

A comprehensive newborn examination involves a systematic inspection. A Ballard score uses physical and neurologic... see more

This site is very helpful for those either preparing to take ACLS for the first time or becoming recertified. There are... see more

This is an educational video for nurses to better understand ICU nursing and ventilator operations. Their Youtube channel... see more

Be Confident Protecting Yourself and Providing the Best Care to Your Patients during this COVID-19 Pandemic - On Demand... see more

Youtube video that helps become familiar with transfusion reactions. As nurses, we are the first line of defense to... see more

We can help you solve the fragmented care puzzle with our groundbreaking course and core curriculum text to educate... see more

This resource includes an Excel workbook that can be downloaded to a personal computer. The workbook includes three... see more

This resource highlights and explains 6 different exercises to help one control anger.

Hospital Finance 101: Understanding the Cost of Full-Service Healthcare in Pullman, WAProgram by: Steve Febus, Pullman... see more

A collection of nursing videos from around the web for nurses to enjoy and learn! It's like Netflix for nurses.

2019, Papaya Workshop online for manual vacuum aspiration, IUD placement, gynecologic skills, Jody Steinauer et al,... see more

Audience This instruction was designed to be delivered to a Disaster Medical Assistance Team (DMAT) or a Community... see more

2013, The Family Planning Patient Experience: Skills to Improve Every Visit, The Family Planning National Training... see more

2019, Workshop on Creating an Instructional Plan for Simulation-based Education, Deborah Rooney, PhD, University of... see more